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About Me

Hello & welcome... It's no coincidence you're here! My name is Kathi Behrens & I am a Certified Evidential Medium & Animal Communicator specializing in connecting with the souls of the departed. Although I was always aware of my connection to Spirit, I didn't begin my mediumship journey until later in life. In 2020, I took a leap of faith and dove head first into my first ever mediumship development classes through the James VanPraagh School of Mystical Arts where I earned my certification. From there I trained with the UK's Danielle the Happy Medium at The Odd Bod School of Mediumship while simultaneously working with other tutors including Tony Stockwell, the late Rev. Janet Nohavec, Pam Coronado, Suzanne Giesemann & more. I believe as mediums we have an obligation to keep evolving & learning not only for the benefit of our ourselves & clients, but the Spirit world as well. As healers we must respectfully & ethically represent this sacred work and the souls we serve.


​Most recently I completed the Mark Ireland blind testing & certification process to become a recommended

Evidential Medium for the worldwide organization Helping Parents Heal.​


When I'm not working & taking classes, I enjoy spending time in nature, relaxing with my two German Shepherds, going to rock concerts with my husband, creating art, listening to music, playing dominos, watching true crime documentaries and visiting with friends & family. Most recently, we embarked on a new adventure and moved onto our sailing catamaran ~ with plans to travel the world! Follow me on social media for updates on our journey!


Again, thank you for being here. I look forward to the opportunity to help you connect to your loved ones and beloved pets in Spirit. Below are just a couple of client testimonials from across the globe.

For more reviews, please visit my Facebook page.​

Victoria Gibson, UK

“I had a lovely mini reading from Kathi which was very comforting & reassuring to our family after our recent loss. Everything Kathi said made sense & things only I would know she mentioned. Kathi was so caring & kind with her response in order to give us some
peace & comfort."

Kristen D., Canada

"Kathi gave me beautiful & inspiring messages from my beloved dog and grandparents. I was amazed to receive such detail & accurate information from my grandparents who didn't speak English! She went above & beyond with her empathic messages and validated my feelings with ease."

Tara R., New Jersey

“I can not thank you enough for my reading! Everything that you said was spot on & I was even able to verify the information I didn't understand with my mom afterwards. I feel so much comfort and a weight lifted, thank you again! I can not recommend your
readings enough!


Don't see what you're looking for? Have a question? Please feel free to reach out! I look forward to hearing from you.

"Let your soul & spirit fly into the mystic" ~Van Morrison

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